Symptom-Oriented Therapy
Homeopathic Treatment - Terrain Remedies

Many pets come to me because of organ or glandular problems. My approach is to repair, regenerate or improve efficiency of function.

The BHI (Biological Homeopathic Industries) homeopathic preparations (tablets) are focused on organ terrains that may be affected in your pet.

• BHI-1 Allergy
Relief of minor allergies, hayfever. Also coughing, sneezing, difficult breathing, nasal catarrh, poison oak/ivy, skin rashes, itching.

• BHI-2 Bladder
Urinary problems, involuntary release of urine, scanty urination, urinary system infections.

• BHI-3 Bronchitis
Bronchial cough. Also difficult breathing, much mucus, dry cough, all types of cough.

• BHI-4 Calming
Temporary relief of insomnia. Also nervous irritability, restlessness, pre-menstrual syndrome.

• BHI-5 Diarrhea
Relief of common diarrhea.

• BHI-6 Echinacea P.C.
Minor inflammation and fever. Also septic conditions, weakness, fatigue, snake bites, insect bites.

• BHI-7 Eye
Relief of minor eye irritations.

• BHI-8 Ginko
Temporary relief of minor nervous irritability.

• BHI-9 Infection
Simple infections due to cuts, abrasions, and minor injuries.

• BHI-10 Nausea
Temporary relief of nausea and other minor abdominal complaints.

• BHI-12 Skin
Relief of minor skin irritations. Also skin ulcerations, eczema, impetigo etc.

Currently, Holistic Remedies and Treatments may only be ordered in conjunction with a consultation.

You may arrange a Phone Consultation
or visit my Los Angeles Treatment Center

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