Glandulars - TerrainMax
New Nutrition Technology for Organ Terrain

Many pets come to me because of organ or glandular problems. My approach is to repair, regenerate or improve efficiency of function.

The new TerrainMax line has been designed to fill the gap in cellular nutrition. It combines several types of cellular nutrients, clinically selected to deliver a powerful impact on cell enzyme activity. These state-of-the-art formulas are also designed to build up and fortify the biological terrain of the organs. Each formula contains the following types of nutrients:

Oligo Elements
Plant Bud (Gemmae) Extracts
Flower Essences
Organ/Glandular Support
TerrainMax Formulas
Litho Elements

Many of these formulas can be particularly useful for breeders.

These formulas may only be ordered in conjunction with a consultation. You may arrange a Phone Consultation, or visit my Los Angeles Treatment Center

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