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There have been many, many times I have helped pets with surgical conditions. The idea of using holistic medicine before surgery and during surgery and through recovery, is to achieve a better outcome. We want our pets to experience less pain. We want the tissues involved in the surgery to heal faster. We want to help heal the emotional consequences of the surgery. I have been able to promote the success of surgeries using herbs, homeopathics, nutritional supplements, and Bach flower remedies.

Below, you can browse my suggestions for holistic solutions to help your pets through surgery. If you wish to consult with me about your pet's surgery, you can find out about booking a Phone Consultation by clicking here.

Pre Surgical
For Bleeding   -   (start 2-3 days before surgery)

  • Trillium
    Indication - internal and external bleeding. It has a sealing effect of the capillary vascular system by increasing the density of the capillary tissue. A study conducted at the UniversityClinic in Miessen, Germany, was so successful each patient is started on Trillium 3 days prior to the surgical procedure.

  • Herbs 
  • Tienchi
    A single herb which warms and activates blood circulation, disperses clots and deposits in blood vessels, stops bleeding, reduces swelling and relieves pain. Can start 2-3 days before surgery if possible.

  • During Surgery and Recovery
  • Traumeel
    Analgesic, anti-inflammatory. A combination homeopathic that can be used for injuries of all types, such as post operative and post traumatic edema and swelling of soft tissue; inflammtory processes and degenerative processes associated with inflammation of the various organs and tissues.
    It is also an excellent anti-inflammatory and analgesic for injuries of all kinds such as sprains, dislocation, and contusion.
    Can start the day of surgery and continue through the entire time of recuperation wothout side effects.

  • Herbs 

    after surgery and able to give herbs generally 2-3 hours post op.
  • San Qi 17
    Indications: blood stasis due to injury, surgery or other taumatic damage to tissues. This combination is said to "crack static blood". It is composed of 17 different herbs, most of which are blood vitalizing herbs that hasten the resolution of blood clots and help circulation. They also relieve pain.
    They can be started post op once food and water is allowed.

  • Recovery Pills
    Post surgical recovery. from the point of view of traditional Chines medicine this formula of 18 herbs is used to tonify and vitalize Chi, blood and yang. Differing from San Qi 17 this formula is used to strengthen and assist mobility of the patient.

  • Royal Jelly
    Super nutrient longevity tonic. A natural food substance. This incredibly nutritious whole food is rich in a broad spectrum of important vitamins, proteins, amino acids, minerals and other substances essential to radiant health. Within it's mystery is the difference between the Queen Bee, who utilizes royal jelly and lives for 5 years, and the worker bees, who live only for a few months.

  • Ginseng
    Help for the Immune system, emotional stability, and energy levels. One of the most famous and valued herbs. It has been shown to be stimulating and regulatory to both the central nervous system and to the endocrine system. It is the primary "Chi" tonic of Chinese herbalism. Promotes general wellbeing.

  • Deer Antler
    Promotes wellness and vitality. More information -
    click here

  • Treating those too active during recovery
  • Hyperbalance
    Indications: calming overactive pets after surgery. This is a combination homeopathic that provides energetic balance for those pets with "fast bioenergetic metabolism" and "yang" condition in general.
    Often with young pets who are not resting as they should post op.

  • Herbs 
  • Cerebral Tonic Pills
    Indications: calming, also called Nourish Brian Pill. A combination of 13 herbs which calms pets without sedating them. Useful for restlessness, mental agitation and manic episodes. Pets who need to be confined for long periods of time as is the case after many orthopedic procedures - they're feeling better, but shouldn't be active.

  • Gemmotherapy
  • Tilia Tomentosa
    Indication: insomnia. Pets often have a difficult time sleeping at night because they just can't get comfortable. Tilia is a Gemmotherapy which has neuro-regulatory sedative properties. It is not a hypnotic but a sleep inducer without toxicity and is not habit-forming. Therefore it's particularly recommended in treating the nervous system in fragile individuals, the very young, pregnant or elderly.

  • Treating Emotional Trauma
    Bach Flower 
  • Incident Release
    This Bach Flower combination helps emotional trauma whether from an accident or from the hospital experience.

  • Detox from Anesthetics, Drugs, Anti-biotics
  • Chinese Licorice Root
    Classically used for detoxification from toxic substances. Also a tonic, building energy through balancing blood sugar, and gastrointestinal regulation.

  • Bucco #25
    Nestmann Herbal Fluid Extract for subacute and chronic kidney disorders. German formula.

  • Hepatica #4
    Herbal Fluid Extract for detoxification of Liver & Gall Bladder. German formula.

  • Lappa #30
    Nestmann Herbal Fluid Extract increases elimination of waste via kidneys; intestines and skin. A blood purifier. German formula.

  • Scolopendrium #28
    Herbal drainage remedy for the spleen / lymphatic system especially after infectious diseases. German formula.

  • Organotherapy
  • Specific Organ Repair
    Link through to this page which has a selection of glandulars and homeopathics to treat specific organ or tissue damage.
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