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I offer a wide range of holistic healthcare products, including homeopathic and herbal, remedies and treatments.

Currently, these remedies and treatments may only be ordered in conjunction with a consultation.

You may arrange a Phone Consultation or visit my Los Angeles Treatment Center

Anti-Aging Programs

Anti-Aging Products Index

Cancer - Viruses - Immune System

Cancer & Immune System Index
IP6 - Cancer Killer
Biopro Thymic Protein A
Deer Antler

Detox & Drainage

Detox & Drainage Index
Anti-Aging Detox Program - Homeopathic
Herbal - Detox & Drainage
Homeopathic - Drainage & Symptom Relief
Gemmotherapy - Drainage & Detox
Colon Conditioner - Oxy-Cleanse
Cleanse & Revitalize - One Step
Anti-Aging Index

Herbal Remedies

Herbs Index
Medicinal Herbs
Tonic Herbs
Medicinal Mushrooms - Mycosurge

Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathics Index
Anti-Aging Detox Program
Drainage & Symptom Relief
Gemmotherapy - Drainage & Detox
Isotherapy - Personalized Homeopathic Remedy
Organ Regeneration
Terrain Therapy
Symptomatic Remedies

Joint Problems, Arthritis, Geriatric

Deer Antler
Nutritional Supplements

Nutrition Index
BNA - BioNutritional Diagnostics

One Step - Cleanse & Revitalize Dietary Supplement

Organs & Glands - Therapy

Organotherapy Index
Organ Regeneration - Homeopathic Formulas
Cellular Nutrition for Organ Terrain
Homeopathic Terrain Therapy

Support for Surgery

Pre and Post Surgery - Holistic Support

Symptomatic Remedies

Symptomatic Remedies Index
Symptomatic Remedies - Homeopathic
Drainage & Symptom Relief - Homeopathic
Terrain Therapy - Homeopathic
Medicinal Herbs

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