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Preventative Healthcare for Pets

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If you want to have your pet cats and dogs on a wellness program of preventative healthcare practices, we can, together, design a program utilizing homeopathy and other complementary remedies, that can result in better health for your pets. If you wish, I can supply any remedies that may be required.

Call my office to arrange the details for this consultation.
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Preventative healthcare may have to start with detox and drainage remedies to counter the years of allopathic medicine that suppresses the immune system, organs, and endocrine glands, right down to the cellular level.

Endless yearly multiple vaccines are given without question, because the manufacturers say so, even though there is no evidence that immunity wears off. There is a big difference in giving a patient antibiotics for bacterial pneumonia or chronic skin problems, and endlessly prescribing doses for allergies.

My concept of health is more than focusing on an absence of disease - it's what Chinese medicine calls "radiant health", balancing the system involving nutrition, exercise, and natural forms of medicine. Rather than attacking, killing, and suppressing, it's more about helping the body to heal and balance itself.

After thousands of cases, the results have been dramatic. When people tell me that their pets with cancer are acting more robustly than they have in the last five years, I tell them to let me see their other pets for preventative care, so they might more effectively avoid the cancer all together.

You may telephone my office in Malibu, California, to discuss arrangements for a Wellness Program Consultation.

(USA) +1 (310) 231-4415

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