Immune System Stimulation

Biopro Thymic Protein A

Biopro is a revolutionary new supplement that has demonstrated the ability to stimulate the immune system-quickly, safely, and significantly It is the world's first whole purified active thymic molecule.

Biopro replaces missing thymus protein essential to Cell Mediated Immunity

The thymus gland declines with age rendering your pet more susceptible to the effects of abnormal cells. Biopro Thymic Protein A has been scientifically proven to do what the body's thymus can no longer do effectively, or at all.

The primary ingredient in Biopro Protein A is the thymic protein, which is the key to the human immune system and has been scientifically demonstrated to stimulate Cell Mediated Immunity. Biopro stimulates T-4 helper white cells to locate viral and bacterial invaders, or abnormal cells, and to dispatch T-8 killer cells to destroy them.

Extraordinary anti-aging properties
It is well established that animals with above-average longevity have stronger immune systems, and superior Cell Mediated Immunity. Consequently, Biopro will positively affect longevity as well as quality of life by replacing the missing protein no longer made by an aging or otherwise inactive thymus.

No product compares
The active ingredient in Biopro is an intact native protein. No other thymus extract or product is comparable to this unique protein. It is so unique that the doctor who developed it has been awarded U.S. Patent #5,616,554.

All other existing thymus products are not biologically active, because they contain only fragments of the entire thymic protein necessary to stimulate T-4 cells. Biopro Protein A contains over 500 amino acids, comprising the entire protein molecule. Fragmented proteins will not "fit" into the receptor site of the T-4 cell, and therefore will not program it as Biopro Protein A does.

Your pet deserves the opportunity to live better, live longer, through the enhanced immunity that can result from Biopro Thymic Protein A.

Biopro Thymic Protein A is software for the immune system!

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