Drainage & Detox

This system was developed in Europe and uses extracts of embrionic tissues from fresh plants, such as young buds, shoots and rootlets. These rejuvenating plant tissues are in an active growth stage and have been found to be rich sources of plant growth factors and hormones which are not found in the whole, adult plant.

Gemmo-remedies are used in low, homeotherapeutically-prepared potencies (2X) for the purpose of stimulating drainage and eliminating toxic energy from the body. This is an essential part of the bioenergetic detoxification process. As such Gemmotherapy plays a unique and an important part in any detox process. Any herb, homeotherapeutic ingredient, nosode, or other remedy that has a detoxifying effect on the body is, in most cases, inadequate by itself to complete a successful detoxification process and avoid the toxic "Ping Pong' effect. This effect occurs when the dislodged bioenergetic toxins are not drained from the body, but instead re-accumulate and creat foci in other organs due to lack of an effective elimination process. This process may cause further suppression of the disturbances. And so these Gemmotherapy diluted extracts are particularly useful for their effective elimination of bioenergetic disturbances.

These formulas may only be ordered in conjunction with a consultation. You may arrange a Phone Consultation to discuss your pet's health, or visit my Los Angeles Treatment Center

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