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Many pets come to me because of organ or glandular problems. My approach is to repair, regenerate or improve efficiency of function.

Regeneration is defined as the natural renewal of a cell, tissue, or organ. Each of the different tissues of the body has its own natural life cycle, which is affected as a result of internal and external stress factors. It is the aim of regeneration therapy to assist in the process of the body's self-renewal. Many of these formulas can be particularly useful for breeders.

These formulas may only be ordered in conjunction with a consultation. You may arrange a Phone Consultation, or visit my Los Angeles Treatment Center

R-1.  Liver
For relief of: headache, insomnia, nausea and vomiting, irritability. To strengthen the liver; to help strengthen any organ system in which the liver is the head of the causal chain; for supporting the liver when undergoing general anesthesia (start three days before surgery); to help sleep; in patients are chronically exposed to cigarette smoke; for supporting the liver in patients on prescription drugs.

R-2. Bile Ducts
For relief of: headache, nausea and vomiting, sinus congestion, flatulence, fat intolerance. To reduce toxicity from the consumption of too much dietary fat; to aid in improving digestion in animals with diminished activity of pancreatic lipase; in any patient with a history of gallstones, or who has had the gallbladder removed.

R-3. Pancreas
For relief of: fatigue after meals, bloating, morning fatigue, indigestion, allergies, diarrhea. To help strengthen any organ system in which the pancreas is the head of the causal chain; to support secretion of pancreatic enzymes; in patients who are tired in the morning.

R-4. Kidney
For relief of: afternoon fatigue, sciatica, ankle edema, dizziness, tension and irritability, motion sickness. To strengthen any organ system in which the kidney is the head of the causal chain; to strengthen the kidney energy in pregnant women in the last two trimesters; to help treat fatigue which occurs in the late afternoon; to support recovery from an upper respiratory infection with a cough that will not clear; in patients who take diuretics.

R-5. Large Intestine
For relief of: constipation, sluggish bowels, hemorrhoids, flatulence. To help treat intestinal candida (with NEUTROCAN
R-12 and drainage); to aid in the treatment of chronic conditions of the colon, such as constipation; in all patients who take laxatives.

R-6. Thyroid
For relief of: metabolism imbalances, sluggishness, weight gain, constipation - in patients with symptoms suggesting a sluggish thyroid gland.

R-7. Pituitary
For relief of: stress, loss of hope, brain fog, memory loss, nervous irritability. For homeopathic support of the endocrine glands; for homeopathic support of the tissues and organs of the body; to accentuate the effect of all flower remedies; to help treat stress; in young animals with energetic stress on the pituitary.

R-8. Lymph
For relief of: flu, cough, sore throat, fever. For homeopathic support of the entire lymphatic system; in conditions involving chronic sore throats, earaches, recurrent upper respiratory infections; in acute cases of minor viral infections; to help strengthen the lymphatics in people who consume dairy products.

R-9. Spleen
For relief of: bruising, symptoms of minor infections, anemia, malaise, fever. For homeopathic support of the spleen; for patients who have enlargement of the spleen; in patients who have had their spleen removed; in patients with high susceptibility and weak spleen bioenergy.

R-10. Lung
For relief of: cough, shortness of breath, symptoms related to bronchitis, asthma. For homeopathic support of the lung; supportive in asthma-type conditions; for support of lung bioenergy in acute and chronic bronchitis; in chronic cough; to help strengthen the lung.

R-11. Neutrovir
For relief of: symptoms related to minor viral infections, such as flu with myalgias, fever, nasal congestion. To treat symptoms of minor acute viral infections using kidney and lymphatic drainage; to antidote resonance of minor viruses; for general systemic support.

R-12. Neutrocan
For relief of: itching, constipation, yeast infections - in certain patients with recurrent vaginal yeast infections; in patients with fungal infections of toes, nails, and skin; in individuals with intestinal yeast overgrowth.

R-13. Adrenal
For relief of: muscle weakness, fatigue, dizziness - in certain patients with recurrent environmental allergies.

R-14. Stomach
For relief of: heartburn, epigastric pain, nausea, indigestion - in patients with gastritis, who take drugs that block HCl secretion in the stomach, or with inadequate HCl secretion by the stomach.

R-15. Small Intestine
For relief of: indigestion, bloating, diarrhea, food allergies, malabsorption - in patients with malabsorption, tenderness in the area of the umbilicus.

R-16. Bronchi
For relief of: productive cough, non-productive cough, wheezing, shortness of breath - in patients with upper respiratory infections accompanied by a cough, with chronic bronchitis, asthma.

R-17. Bladder
For relief of: discomfort during urination, frequent urination, weak bladder and water retention - in patients with acute or recurring cystitis, interstitial cystitis, or who need treatment for benign prostatic hypertrophy.

R-18. Ovagen
For relief of: painful ovulation, pains in the lower abdomen - in patients with abnormalities in the menstrual cycle, and painful ovulation.

R-19. Uterogen
For relief of: excessive and painful menstruation and treatment of vaginal cysts - in patients with excessive menstruation, painful periods with cramps, bleeding between periods, or to help prevent repeated miscarriages.

R-20. Testogen

For relief of: fatigue, reduced muscle strength - in patients who need treatment for seminal or spermatic disorders, or decreased libido.

R-21. Prostogen
For relief of: decreased libido, rectal pressure, prostatic weakness - in patients with a tendency toward urinary tract infections, incomplete urination with reduced flow, or who are frequently awakened by the need to urinate.

R-22 Mesenchyme
For temporary relief of recurrent flu symptoms, arthralgias, myalgias, and abdominal bloating. - in all patients who are undergoing detoxification and drainage therapies,this formula helps the mesenchyme (connective tissue) release acids and waste products that had previously been stored. This formula also provides regenerative energy to the reticulo-endothelial cells, and helps restore secretory Ig A.

R-23. Intestinal Mucosa
For temporary relief of bloating, constipation, tenderness, abdominal cramps, diarrhea. For homeopathic support of patients with intestinal dysbiosis, leaky gut, candidiasis, and parasites; this formula is intended to help stimulate healthy mucosal surfaces, allowing for successful implantation of healthy gut bacteria, and to help normalize intestinal permeability.

R-24 Cystex
For temporary relief of pain, tenderness, low back pain, fatigue. For homeopathic support of patients who have minor cysts of the breasts, ovaries, and uterus. This formula also helps with regenerative energy for the kidneys, and can be combined with RegenRx Kidney (R-4).

R-25 Breastogen
For temporary relief of pain, swelling, and tenderness of the breasts. This formula also helps with breast repair and regeneration, especially after trauma.

R-26. Capillary
For temporary relief of numbness in extremities, leg cramps - in patients with reduced circulatory function, this formula aids nutrient and waste exchange at the capillary level. As a complimentary remedy for those patients undergoing any form of chelation.

R-27. Eye
For temporary relief of dry, scratchy eyes, eye irritation, reduced vision. For homeopathic support of patients with minor levels of eye dysfunction, this formula is intended to aid in reducing free radical damage to the eyes.

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